A Place for Everything 2.0 – Patterns by Annie

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A Place for Everything 2.0 – Patterns by Annie

This spacious organizer stores and carries tools and supplies, providing visibility and easy access to all.

The bag features handles and an adjustable/detachable carrying strap along with two removable pocket pages with mesh or vinyl pockets in a variety of styles.

Abundant pockets in a variety of styles are the key to ensuring that there is a place for everything … and that everything is in its place!

The case measures about 10″H x 14″ W x 5½»D when closed with removable pages measuring 13″H x 20″W.


A Place for Everything 2.0 is an update of our best-selling A Place for Everything pattern which was released in 2013. Just like a new edition of a textbook, this new version of the pattern features improved design and layout, easier-to-follow steps and diagrams, and our newest and best techniques.

We also made significant changes to the project, making it easier to assemble while adding significantly more storage space.

Specific changes include:

Moved the zippered opening on the bag to the top, so contents will be secure even if the bag isn’t completely zipped shut.
Added handles to each side of the bag as well as an adjustable, detachable carrying strap.
Added pockets to the exterior of the bag on both the front and the back.
Made the bag wider and deeper and the pocket pages taller.
Simplified construction of the pockets on the removable pages, eliminating the pleats.
Added option to make pockets on the pocket pages of mesh as well as vinyl.
Added pockets to the BACKS of the pocket pages.
Replaced the hook and loop tape on the interior of the bag with a strap to hold the pages in place.
We have also filmed an Add-On Video for the project to help you make the bag. Since the A Place for Everything 2.0 pattern includes a coupon to get the Add-On Video at no charge, we would recommend that you purchase the new and improved version of the pattern.


Easy-to-follow instructions with pictures take you step-by-step through the EASY process of texturizing, cutting, and sewing the bags.

The pattern includes complete instructions for two sizes of bags. The small bag is about 8″W x 11″H x 6″D. The large bag is about 13″W x 14″H x 8″D.

Both bags are fully lined and super-simple to make. You’ll be amazed how quickly they go together!

One package of Bosal Stitch & Steam™ will texturize enough fabric for both bags. Just stitch the entire piece of Stitch & Steam to a piece of fabric the same size. Then cut out the pieces of fabric as detailed in the pattern.

You may also skip the texturizing step and make a really quick and easy drawstring bag.

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