ByAnnie – Chalk Board fabric – 16″ X 48″

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ByAnnie – Chalk Board fabric – 16″ X 48″

Str: 41×122 cm

This black oilcloth fabric has a specially-coated surface that makes it behave like a chalkboard.

Sew it into a wall hanging, use it on a pillow, add an insert to a Christmas stocking — share your ideas for using this fun product with us!

It is important to prime the chalkboard fabric before you use it for the first time. To do so, simply rub the side of a piece of common chalk over the fabric in one direction and then the other. Wipe clean and repeat. Wipe again and your cloth will be ready to use.

Sewing tips:

Press with a cool iron using a pressing cloth between the iron and cloth. OK to press on back without pressing cloth if using a cool iron
Use tissue paper or lightweight paper under fabric if static makes it stick to bed of machine.
Needle size: 90/14
Presser foot: Teflon if available
Wash with warm soapy sponge; dry with soft cloth.


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