Dry Waxed Organic Cotton – KHAKI

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Dry Waxed Organic Cotton – KHAKI

This medium weight cotton canvas with certified organic cotton, features a dry waxed finish to boost utility properties like water repellence and enhanced durability. It doesn’t feel sticky at all and makes a great choice for both outerwear ad bags. Off the roll it has a rather stiff apperance that will soften with wear and use.

The base cloth is a 100% organic cotton. The dyed cloth is tested free of harmful substances by SGS (similar to Oeko-Tex). The dry wax applied to the cloth is a natural paraffin wax, which keeps the breathable properties of the cotton cloth
– only applied to one side of the cloth.

The fabric is water repellent but not entirely waterproof.
Not washable, only wiping. We recommend dry cleaning only.

by Mind the MAKER

Kvalitet: Økologisk Bomull Wax
Bredde: 145 cm.
Vekt: 227 g/m2
Materiale: Bomull 100 %

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