Mind The Maker – Shadow Splash Black and white

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Mind The Maker – Shadow Splash Black and white


100% LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose
140 cm
170 g/m2

Fra danske Mind The Maker:
Viscose is an extremely popular and ‘safe’ choice if you need a light fabric with a silky soft and smooth drape. In addition to a number of undeniable aesthetic properties, we love viscose for the soft comfort and breathability, which makes it very versatile and suitable for almost any garment.

For our viscose fabrics we work with ECOVERO™ Viscose as a responsibly produced alternative to conventional viscose fibers. It neither feels nor looks different from conventional viscose, but there is a big difference in the environmental footprint of the production.

ECOVERO™ viscose fibers are produced by the company Lenzing (which also produces TENCEL ™ Lyocell and Modal), and as a fiber and raw material, ECOVERO™ Viscose is an important contributor to the development of a more responsibly founded textile industry.

The ECOVERO™ viscose fiber production is designed to generate up to 50% lower emissions and 50% lower water consumption (compared to conventional viscose fiber production), and the production takes place in a closed circuit with high recycling rates for chemical material, solvents and wastewater which are extracted, purified and returned to production as a raw material.
Thus, the environmental impact from production is minimal compared to conventional viscose production.
Furthermore, only raw material (wood) from FSC® and PEFC-certified responsible forestry is used in the production.

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