Moda Chroma Batiks Pear 4366-24

25,90 kr

Pris er per 1 dm. Velg antall desimeter du ønsker å kjøpe. For 1 meter velg 10 i antall.

Moda Chroma Batiks Pear 4366-24

100% cotton
110 cm width

Moda introduces a stunning batik fabric collection, showcasing an exquisite spectrum of color. Crafted with precision by skilled artisans employing time-honored techniques, these batik fabrics boast a rare blend of uniqueness and vibrancy. Each fabric piece is a masterpiece, drawing inspiration from the wonders of nature and adorned with intricate patterns that showcase the entire spectrum of the rainbow’s hues.

This quality quilting fabric can be used for patchwork fabric quilts and other various creative crafts. Its continuous length allows for tailored projects including clothing items like dresses or shirts, as well as curtains, cushions, pillows and numerous crafting projects.

35 på lager

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