Paper Message Cats Illustrated Book by Okubo Junko for Kokka EGXA-8000-10A

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Paper Message Cats Illustrated Book – Since 2010, Illustrator Okubo Junko has been involved in the planning, illustration and design of paper goods at Paper Message, a shop for print orders and paper products started by a local printing company in Kochi Prefecture. The first shop was opened in Kochi Prefecture in 2009 to show the fun and possibilities of paper and printing to as many customers as possible, followed by others in Tokyo and Osaka.

This new collection of fabrics showcases some of Junko’s best selling paper products illustrations printed on textiles.
Item Number: EGXA-8000-10A
Brand: Kokka
Item: Okubo Junko
Country of Origin: Japan
Material: 100% cotton
Width: 110cm (43?)

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