Rasterquick 453

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Pris er per 10 cm. Velg antall desimeter du ønsker å kjøpe. For 1 meter velg 10 i antall.

Interfacing with printed 1×1 cm grid. Patchwork with Quickscreen is the logical alternative to traditional stencil techniques. Geometric patterns and shapes are quickly and easily transferred. Is also extremely suitable for the transfer and enlargement of cut and design drawings.

Usable for all fabrics

•Quick and accurate to use
•Ideal for geometric patterns
•Clear optics

Always lay the fabric pieces on the blank side. Using the edge guide sew along the lines. With diagonally drawn lines the materials are firmly pinned into place on the blank side and sewn on the printed side or along the lines. Turn the fabric strips and attach and sew the next strip. Follow the pattern until the patchwork is finished.

Washable in temperatures up to 40 °C or dry cleanable

Width 90 cm

70 på lager

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