Warp & Weft Palazzo in Wolf MRS4085 13

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Warp & Weft Palazzo in Wolf MRS4085 13

100% bomull
Bredde 110 cm

Say hello to this year’s installment of Ruby Star Society’s popular yarn-dyed wovens collection: Warp & Weft Moonglow! These fabrics are fun because they have a different texture than your basic quilting cotton – they’re a little bit lighter and very soft. Since these fabrics are yarn-dyed, the patterning is not achieved with printing, but by utilizing different weaving methods – this brings a great texture and visual interest to anything you make.

In general, you can use these fabrics the same way you would use any other quilting fabric, but with a few considerations. First and foremost: be prepared for shrinkage. Because of the different manufacturing techniques used to make these fabrics, they will shrink more than your average quilting cotton, so consider pre-washing. Second: these fabrics have a looser weave! This is great for texture yumminess, but not great for fraying. Consider serging or trimming with pinking shears around the edges before you pre-wash, and use a shorter stitch length and true 1/4 inch seam allowance (as opposed to a scant quarter-inch). Third: because of their light and soft-ness, these fabrics will shift and distort more than standard quilting cotton. When ironing try to lift and press instead of dragging your iron, when cutting don’t cut too many layers at once, and consider using starch if you need a little more firmness or hold.

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